Justine Morrow

Justine Morrow

Justine Morrow

Justine Morrow's work explores the duality of life through materials such as plaster, clay, and organic material like dried flowers and human teeth. She is inspired by the brutal aspects of life and regularly explores themes of death, sexuality, and mental illness. While her creations may imbue darkness, it is important for her to maintain a positive and hopeful perspective and does so through the practice of Zen Buddhism. Using philosophy and a deeply existential empathy, Justine creates an array of 2D and 3D works she hopes others will connect with.

Master of Arts Education

School of Visual Arts; 2015-2016

BFA in Fashion Design and Art History

Pratt Institute; 2012-2015

Member of the International Association of Professional Writers and Editors

Writer for beautiful.bizarre Magazine


Mixed Media Residency Showcase; ConArtist Collective 2017

MAT Graduate Showcase; School of Visual Arts 2016

Annual Juried Showcase; School of Visual Arts 2016

BFA Graduate Showcase; Pratt Institute 2015

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